Fordable Stove Burner

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Hunting Season Coming, Equip Yourself with This Windproof Fordable Stove Burner

Product Features:

  • PURE BLUE FLAME: Gathering pure blue flame, heat gathering, fully improve the utilization of combustion, 4000 watts power. Can heat 1 liter water to boiled under 4 minutes. 
  • EASY TO CARRY: The feet, the windshield can be shrunk and be put into a black nylon bag.
  • EASY TO USE: Connect the gas tank, open the gas valve, press the igniter, electronic ignition; adjust the gas valve counterclockwise to increase the gas, clockwise direction is reduced the power.
  • DESIGN: The four-corner design increases the friction between the bottoms, and the use is more stable. The gas regulating valve has an adjustment knob to accurately adjust and control the firepower. 4000BTU power, large fire head, can be fried, grilled, boiled, stewed and proficient.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST GAS BASE: Compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane or butane-propane mixed fuel canister

Pack this windproof stove burner with you and enjoy a self made meal hundred miles away from the city. FDA approved anodized aluminum pot; it’s non-stick and easy to clean after usage.